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We are used to putting our hearts into things

We have more than thirty years of experience in stainless steel tailoring, specialising in the area of static preparation and food storage and in the integration of neutral, heated and refrigerated functions.


"Working in a kitchen is sometimes like a dance, sometimes like a rugby match"

Regardless of its size, movement in the kitchen is dynamic and constant. There is the one of the brigade who moves between the different stations, the one of the chef who oversees each operation, and the one of the goods to be stored, prepared, cooked and served. The organization of the workflows of the whole team is essential to ensure an impeccable service.

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    Each Euroinox solution has its own reason to be

    Euroinox put into practice its expertise and professionalism to listen and satisfy the needs from catering professionals with innovative, functional and customized projects.

    Professional kitchen, indeed, must be rational in terms of work cycles and perfectly cleanable to define flows, reduce cleaning times, increase the level of hygiene, health and safety, optimizing the time and energy of the brigade.




    cleaning time


    Increase the level
    of hygiene, health
    and safety

    Off-menu cuisines

    An idea, a project and a kitchen
    that comes to life