Case History

Hotel Alcialc


Alta Val Badia, Italy

What we have done

Euroinox plunges into the beautiful Dolomites surrounding the Hotel Alcialc, to provide this little pearl. The kitchen project was developed in collaboration with the Company Dabermatic Sas and had as result an implementation of a central cooking block, from which all the other preparation areas branch off. There are, in fact, areas dedicated to the preparation of main courses, an oven area, an area suitable for preparing appetizers and pastry, another for preparing vegetables. Finally one for preparing desserts and cold dishes, an office for chefs and a washing area.

The cooking block stands in the centre of the kitchen and is equipped with two induction plates, a pasta cooker, a fryer, a bratt pan, a solid top and a dish pass area. The real challenge of the project was the pillar standing at the centre of the cooking block, which required a perfect on-site welding. The excellence has been realized with the maximum aesthetic and dimensional uniformity between the cooking block and all the static preparation elements surrounding it. The result is a unique and distinctive project, as it is every Euroinox project, tailored to the needs of the chefs and the available spaces.