Case History

Fondazione Poma Libera Tutti


Pescia, Italy

What we have done

Extremely powerful customisation for this small jewel that will help enrich the Poma Libera Tutti foundation, which "aims at finding and keeping the fire of the intellect burning with artistic and cultural stimulations". Euroinox, in synergy with Ibellani Srl, has accepted, followed and satisfied the technical and aesthetic needs of the customer for the supply of the cooking block, the static preparation, and the washing area. As usual, Euroinox did not impose its own style, but listened to the needs, welcomed the tastes and requests made by the customer and its designers. Hence, a double-sided style cooking suite. Custom handles on one side, custom knobs on the other. Pan overshelf on one side and with flat surface on one side while enlightened on the other. Colourful armoured element fronts with decorative frames. Therefore, a cooking block in a exclusive and unique exemplar of the customer who considered the supply "beyond expectations".

The staff of Euroinox provided their assistance for planimetric surveys and on-site welding of worktops that allowed the staff to embrace all the walls of the buildings and follow the shapes of the existing architectural elements. This has made it possible to take the best advantage on spaces and allowed the absence of gaps and empty spaces in which dirt can lurk. Chefs will be able to clean their kitchen in a short time and with simple gestures during or after a demanding and stressful service.