Case History

Ciel Bleu** Hotel Okura


Amsterdam, Netherlands

What we have done

The historic collaboration between Euroinox and the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam continues with the remaking of the kitchen on the 23rd floor of the "Ciel Bleu" restaurant, having 2 Michelin stars. The design began at the end of 2019, with the drafting of the first layouts in which a redistribution of workflows within the kitchen was envisaged. The room was divided into a "hot" kitchen, with a custom-made cooking monoblock and complete with a 2 levels overshelf to support the salamander and to offer more space and comfort to the brigade, and a "cold" kitchen near the chef table, with 3 stations complete with small flush-mounted built-in induction plates and remote refrigerated counters.

Under the very long window (about 12m) that illuminates the kitchen, Euroinox has designed together with its distributor (Metos BV) a preparation area that wraps the columns and walls in order to make the most of the generous spaces of the kitchen environment, in order to facilitate workflows and better organise the work of the brigade.