Case History




What we have done

Order some sushi, sashimi, nigiri and hosomaki and go!!! It may seem simple, but when the requests are many and the quality of the products must be excellent, the kitchen and its organization must be impeccable. This is where the AJI cuisine comes to life, for oriental take away delivery. Workflows, gestures, operator movements and equipment have been carefully studied to define each workstation in this kitchen which can be assimilated to an industrial process: a small "assembly line". Two hot preparation areas were therefore defined with cooking functions directly integrated into the different preparation areas. The first area with an induction wok and two high-performance fryers. The second area with a custom double gas wok, two induction hobs, and a Dim-Sum steamer.

The real gem of this creation is a central work island defining six workstations for the operators. Each station is equipped with its own refrigerated counter, a chest of drawers, a refrigerated tank fully integrated in the worktop and a work cutting board that slides onto the worktop. The work surface, in turn, is set up with a continuous washing system. The whole work is completed by an imposing bridge shelf with two shelves. A shelf used to support Hoshizaky display cases and a second shelf with an integrated conveyor belt. Operators simply have to deliver the trays with their prepared dishes onto the conveyor belt, so that they can then be delivered to a delivery area where they are packaged for the end customer. Everything is completed by an extensive preparation area to support the central island and a package distribution counter for customers.