We have always believed in the importance of combining the know-how with the care and service of each processing step. In this we support flexibility and customization to offer our clients unique projects, made to measure around their needs and requirements.

Tailored products cared in each detail, made with the best available technologies of high craftsmanship with which we work every single element of the project.

Since 20 years we focus our attention on various preparation areas. Over time Italian and international companies of the highest level have chosen us, fascinated by the attention given to the rationality of spaces, aesthetic homogeneity and functional integration.

Tailored kitchens, beautiful and functional, designed and built together aiming for excellence.



The highly specialized production processes and cutting-edge technologies employed are unique thanks to the Italian experience and taste, recognized for excellence all around the world. The passion and care distinguish the work of craftsmen by offering products of impeccable quality in every detail.



“Custom tailoring” is supported by a wide and complete range of standard products that guarantee aesthetic homogeneity, modularity and perfect integration between neutral, hot and cold functions. Three heights, three depths and lengths, variable depending on individual needs always allow you to manage and make the most of every space.



From the choice of raw materials to the decisions on materials, thicknesses, reinforcements, forces and technologies. Every aspect is carefully considered to ensure the best possible end result, from the workflow to the use of space, taking advantage of technical expertise and manufacturing flexibility.



We work the steel and we combine it with any other material necessary for your project, thanks to a network of specialists and partnerships that guarantee the same quality and reliability that characterizes us.



We love our work, in our work we put all the passion and the knowledge of which we are capable, improving day by day skills and processes to offer the best to our customers.



From Italy where we are born, to the world in which we export our products. From the largest hotel chains to luxury restaurants, from open-plan kitchen to self-service, from canteens to the fishmongers, from the local coffee shop to the international resort. Our products travel and you can find them anywhere, customized to the smallest detail according to customer requirements, serving the end-user. Let yourself be conquered.